Accueil – English

Traditional and popular music from Venezuela

Yes, Venezuela’s music is like this: full of colors and nuances just like its geography, its
landscapes and its people…and yes, I’ve never devoted so much energy to making music since I got here. It may be that music is my umbilical cord. That, which connects
me to my origins. This album is part of my journey.

My musical life in Paris is also full of colors and foundational encounters. I want to take
this opportunity to mention my musical relationship and friendship with Cristóbal: When I
met him I did not know what awaited me. Wow…what a story!

Today I share a few songs that I have always sang, and others yet to be sung, even so,
yet to be given an existence.

This project Colores de Venezuela leaves behind priceless memories and lessons. I
must express my gratitude in a special way to Manuel: Thank you a thousand times for
your exigence and patience, this project owes a lot to your great talent. Thank you Dari
for being a ray of sunlight in the studio, thank you for being loving and solidary: your
voice was a guide. Caro, crossing of lives and circumstances: we had a little thread that
connected us, and we didn’t know it.

I wish to end these last few words by thanking Marco for his stubbornness: The one
guilty of all this happening.

Elena Carvajal
Paris, December 2023

Colores de Venezuela, by Elena Carvajal, is a true kaleidoscope of the best and most diverse aspects of Venezuelan music and musicians.

Colores de Venezuela includes not only the most well-known genres of our country, such as waltzes, merengues, tonadas, pasajes and joropos llaneros… but it also encompasses a wide variety of lesser-known genres like puntos (redobla’o and cruzao), oriental joropo, calypso and fulía. In short, it features more than 15 different genres of Venezuelan music. In Colores de Venezuela, Elena proposes, sings, and presents our music, while also providing a glimpse of her creativity by contributing the lyrics to beautiful tracks like “Dos puntos y…,” “De Píritu pa’ llá,” “Amaranta”… and by composing the Zulian dance “Todavía,” with both lyrics and music penned by Elena.

Elena resides in Paris, and from there, her beautiful voice, the warmth of her performances, as well as her passion, dedication, and commitment, made it possible for great musicians from various cities around the world to join her, playing, arranging, and recording for her in this incredibly beautiful project. A truly monumental effort!

Elena, I congratulate and deeply thank you, as well as all those who accompanied you, for this invaluable gift that you present to us, the lovers of our country and Venezuelan music.

Ángel Martínez
Caracas, December 2023